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Cool (well, Hot really) Job in Reseda

Here’s a cool job. I had the opportunity to photograph this glass blower at work. Who else has a cool job in Reseda that I can photograph?



I went into Traders today for the first time.  I’m used to the Hollywood pawn shops that tend to be dark and dusty and run by crusty old guys.  What a nice surprise to be greeted by these lovely ladies!  And the shop was not dark or dusty at all!  I will have to go back and browse a bit on a day when I have more time!


Great minds came together today at Aura's restaurant on Sherman way.

Great minds came together today at Aura’s restaurant on Sherman way.

The Outreach Committee of the Reseda Neighborhood Council got together to talk about things we can do to help move the Reseda renaissance forwards.  Lots of great ideas were tossed about, with Spike Dolomite presiding.  She produced the recent  music retrospective at Continental Art Supplies, which was hugely successful, so I think we can set our expectations pretty high for Reseda’s cultural evolution.  No pressure Spike!